Was I in it? (alligatorandme) wrote in thebarricade,
Was I in it?

For you Diana Kaarina fans

I’m not sure how many people knew this, but Diana has been understudying Mimi and Maureen as well as being a swing in the Broadway cast of Rent. So far I believe she’s only gone on as Mark’s Mom and Alexi, and definitely not as Mimi or Maureen yet.

I saw this on CompulsiveBowlers.org and thought it was pretty funny:
Diana was Alexi and she was amazing. I know Mayumi has so much energy and spunk but Diana has this perky, adorable quality that makes her Alexi so perfect and she has a beautiful voice for harmony. She did not wear the pink bra during the show, but I feel like that is because her boobs are kind of big for that bra.
- “caryme2matt,” here
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