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thebarricade's Journal

Les Mis claims
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I mainly see this being a place to discuss all the wonderful characters of Les Miserables. Not so much an RPG thing, but if some people want to get that going, it's welcome. You can write fanfic about your character, make icons/banners of them, whatever you want and best of all...you can claim your favourite!! Which I think is really the fun of this whole thing. I imagine this would be a good place to wonder, ask questions about all the characters. You can compare them in the book to the musical or to any of the movies. Whatever! I just thought Les Mis characters needed their own community.


1. Make sure you claim someone...that's what all the fun is about. If your favorite character is taken, I dont mind people sharing...so if you talk to whoever claimed it then its all good.
2. It would be nice if you introduced yourself in the community and said who you picked and why you liked them.
3. Be nice...it's cool to say which characters you do or do not like and why, but please dont make any attacks on other lj users because thats just not cool.
4. Silliness is welcome, but we dont need to hear "OMG! Eponine is so great! I love her so much!! blah blah blah..." and then not say anything really about Eponine's character itself...why do you like her? I really just like to know peoples veiwpoints and why the do or dont like someone.

So please join! And tell all your friends too as well!

Claim's List

Azelma Thenardier claimed by katherine_b
Combeferre claimed by kyttenfae
Cosette claimed by jeminigrl87
Courfeyrac claimed by audaciously
Enjolras claimed by broadwayactor40 and missscarlett48
Eponine Thenardier claimed by zellsangel
Fantine claimed by zoethebottler
Feuilly claimed by ladybretagne
Gavroche claimed by hjordis
Gavroche's brats claimed by glitter_sprite
Grantaire claimed by benvolioonspeed
Inspector Javert claimed by ambtiondata
Jean Prouvaire claimed by madamelefantome
Joly claimed by patriae
Jean Valjean claimed by randomlancila
Madame Thenardier claimed by jesykapie
Marius Pontmercy claimed by daytripper2003
Montparnasse claimed by pappillonrox
Thenardier claimed by barondethenard
Young Cosette claimed by broadwaybabe10
Young Eponine claimed by randomlancila